Our mission is a world without waste. 
 Less mining of materials. More re-use. 
 Therefore new technology is needed.
 Nobody believes this. We do. Do you too?  

our mission

We want to create re-usable packaging by attaching low cost digital displays making a circular economy feasible. This is only possible with our printed OLED display technology.













Our team.

We are an international team of 16 people from 9 countries all over the world with a heavy focus on technology.

Meet our management team below.

Marcin Ratajczak

CEO & Founder

I have been entrepreneur since 2006 mainly focused on services and operations. My love to science and technology made me found Inuru. At Inuru I bring the OLED into applications that matter. I strongly believe that technology shall adapt to humans making their life easier. 

Patrick Barkowski

CTO & Founder

Working with and for many different leading institutes in the field of organic and printed electronics (AG Koch-HU Berlin; Fraunhofer IAP; TU Chemnitz) I collected a vast knowledge of physics, chemistry and processing. At INURU I utilize this to develop printed OLED inks, that are unique in its industrial approach.

4 patents granted. 2 in application. 




our serviceS

We are a full service provider for smart packaging and labels.

for brands 

We are your one stop shop. We produce and delivering the full range of products with our certified partners from the print industry.  Whether you need volume 1 or 100.000.000 we can produce at Inuru or qualify your vendor of choice.

for printers

Become  certified as one of our global suppliers to help us grow and offer our products around the world. Easy access with our ready to use smart surface film solutions or licensing the technology for the full range of products.

for oem

Interested in integrating our advanced materials solutions for OLED?  Just get in touch with our materials department for licenses or material test runs to create better and cheaper organics electronics.

INURU is a sumerian word and means "in-light". It is composed out of the words "INA" (engl. in, into) and "NURU" (light). Sumerian is the world's first written language. The word INURU fully reflects our vision. FIRST we want to use light to make things visible with light.  THEN the same light will deliver visually stunning and smart content through our printed display solutions.


2012. Patrick was bored of lab work and called his old high school friend Marcin with an idea for business. For Marcin, who was currently running a cleaning business and was struggling due to the economic crisis- the call came just in time. 

Patrick's initial idea was to create a cheaper measurement tool. This idea's economic future was questionable, but Marcin left the labs fascinated. Because what Patrick was producing in the lab was organic layers, technology that can be used in OLEDs. These are thin light sources, thin and flexible enough to be integrated everywhere.

Marcin realised the potential of this technology and, one rainy day in Berlin, he convinced Patrick too. While they were sitting in a sushi restaurant, scanning the menu, they had a random thought: what if the fish-drawing on the menu could swim over the page?

Having realized the impact that this might have to advertisement they left the restaurant flashed with one goal: To create low cost displays that can be integrated everywhere.