Coca Cola Singapore and Inuru joint forces to create a unique user experience all for Star Wars lovers. Star Wars themed labels realized with Inuru technology to:


Increase the attention for Star Wars and Coca-Cola


Create a Surprise Effect for the customers

„Once upon a time in a galaxy not far away, there was the idea to light up printed products. To do this one needs many powers. Light has not only to be thin but also powered by an equal STRIKING force. ThankS TO science and 7 years of work this power comes from a concept we call Inuru - light inside.“

coke full force zero sugar.gif
illuminated bottles.jpg


The main idea was to light up the lightsaber in two colors to represent each sides of the universe.


rey label

illumianted rey label Inuru.png
illumianted rey label.png


rey label

Illuminated Kylo Ren label

 illuminated kylo ren label Inuru.png
 illuminated kylo ren label.png

Illuminated Kylo Ren label


The surprising effect is made possbile by Inuru Smart Surface Technology using sustainable OLEDs tha can be printed at high volume and low cost.

By naturally touching the bottle the lightsaber lights up.

Inuru Label Thin.jpg

Surprise Effect

Inuru powered labels appear like standard labels. On the first sight they are not distinguishable from other bottles. This allows a new way of consumer experience and storytelling. The seamless integration into anytype of surface comes from Inurus patented technology and our drive to create beautiful and fun products.

Bottle Star Wars.jpg

Seamless Interaction

The lightsaber lights up once the bottle is touched. The turn-off mechanism thereby is made to resemble the natural touch and usage of bottle. The most important aspect is that the technology feels as natural as possible. Technology shall adapt to the human and not the other way around. Unlike other solutions, Inuru does not require a smartphone or cables glasses. Just use the product as any other.

sustainable Oled Label Inuru.jpg

Sustainable Technology

Paper-thin electronics on paper, OLEDs and single-use energy sources without heavy ions is Inurus contribution to sustainability. We went the hard way and developed OLEDs based on natural materials, because we highly respect our environment.

"Working togetHer with Coca-Cola SINGAPORE  is not just about the experience. AS INURU we try to make sure, that brands also have a bigger vision and purpose in the life-cycle. Coca-Colas aim to create a world without waste fully alligns with our mission to create re-usable packaging with our printed low cost OLED display technology. 

​And... we JUST love star wars! "