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Coca-Cola launches illuminated Star Wars Limited Edition

Coca-Cola Singapore has launched the Galactic Hunt for Limited Edtions illuminated bottles manufactured by Inuru.

Sinagpore, 05.12.2019. Coca-Cola Singapore has released a limited editions of illuminated Coca-Cola bottles, which fans can obtain by joining the Galactic Hunt taking place in Singapore from 6th to 22 December 2019.

The Galactic Hunt is a special marketing campaign released prior to the launch of Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalker. The Coca-Cola No Sugar bottles werde made with a paper-thin label developed and manufactured by Inuru.

The label itslef is Star Wars branded with the portraits of Rey and Kylo Ren from the upcoming Start Wars movie. After touching the labels the light sabers lit up creating a suprising element and a new and ultra limited collectible for fans around the world.

The label on the bottle itself is undistinguishable from other products at first glance. This is possible by the Smart Surface Technology developed and manufactured from Inuru. The paper-thin electroni films features the capability to illuminate every part of the label.

More than 8.000 units been shiped to over 45 secret locations all around Singapore. Thereby Inuru's technology could proove itself in very stressfull environmental conditions, paving the way for further upscaling in the future.

The Galactic Hunt takes place over three weekends in 45 secret locations, where fans cant obtain one of this unique products.

For information about the Galactic Hunt please visit: https://starwars.coca-cola.com.sg/galactichunt/ or http://www.coca-cola.com.sg/starwarstros.

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