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Inuru wins major German Packaging Award in 2017

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Inuru and Karl Knauer awarded with the German Packaging Award 2017 for the luminous label for Coca Cola Great Britain in the category New Material.

Berlin,11.09.2017. Inuru and Karl Knauer KG have been awarded with the German Packaging Award for the luminous label for The-Coca-Cola-Company in Great Britain.

Inuru Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2018
Marcin Ratajczak (CEO Inuru) and Martin Glatz (VP of Sales, Karl Knauer) at the Award Ceremony.

For the first time in history the jury behind the most prestigious German Packaging Award has awarded a packaging product with flexible OLEDs inside. The packaging concept is recognized a forward-looking product, that will drive smart packaging applications to the market, helping brands to gain better shelf visibility at th point of sale and for marketing.

Inuru's illuminated products feature an excpetional brightness, that is also visible at bright daylight. Since OLEDs are energy efficient they can be powered by paper-thin sinlge use enegy sources allowing the whole product to be as thin as 0.4mm.

"We are very happy about our first major award, since it is a consequent conclusion of our partnership with Karl Knauer so far, which gave us trust in an very early stage and were visionary enough to see the potential we have been talking about" says Marcin Ratajczak, CEO and counder of Inuru.

Inuru and Karl Knauer work together since mid of 2015. Karl Knauer is a traditional packaging company from Biberach, located in the South of Germany. The comapany was looking forward to repeat the success they had with the electro-luminescence Bombay Sapphire Packaging they released in 2012.

Allthough back-then the overall interest was large, the major draw back of the technology in limited brightness and the requirements of large battery packs together with potentially dangerous driving voltages of 110V, prevented the technology from further iterations.

"As Inuru has pitched us their technology in 2015 and the improvements in 2016 we have seen, that their products have solved the main issues of printed electronics so far exisitng on the market. Thus we were very excited to integrate this technology within our own product offering."says Martin Glatz, VP of Sales Karl Knauer KG.

Inuru has developed and delivered the full product to Karl Knauer. Karl Knauer was offering the product into it's own product portfolio, so gaining access to market it as one of the first packaging companies worldwide.

"In the next step we hope to realize larger series for major brands. This series was limited in numbers. Next we need to proof our production technology on larger scale to make sure it survives all necessary supply-chain influences in a real world environment" - concludes Marcin Ratajczak.

Find the official annoucement: https://www.verpackungspreis.de/inuru

About the German Packaging Award: https://www.verpackungspreis.de

About Karl Knauer KG: https://www.karlknauer.de

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