Free Form OLED announced. Inuru achieves milestone in production of light and displays on demand.

Inuru achieved technical milestone that allows to print light sources in any shape ceasing size limitations in OLED and increasing the speed to market.

Berlin, Germany – Inuru today announced a major milestone in OLED fabrication with establishing the capability to print OLED in any shape and on demand. With the new freedom of shape and size Inuru customers can finally benefit to illuminate any artwork and design they need and do not have to adapt to standard parts.

Light in any shape, paper-thin

Inuru has successfully established a new pilot line in Berlin Adlershof, that allows to print light in any shape and on demand. This ceases size limitations and allows fully custom made light effects not only for Inuru's demanding packaging and labelling customers.

To illuminate shapes or surfaces companies typically use LEDs solution today. To illuminate a shape LEDs require expensive light guides or projection areas, that typically have a distance of multiple millimeters between the LED light source and the projection area.

This make the lighting devices bulky and expensive, despite the cheap unit cost of the single LED itself. Also homogeneity of the illumination is not ideal with clearly visible bright spots that can only be eliminated with adding more LEDs and thus multiplying costs.

OLED is paper-thin and does not require light guides. With the latest achievement Inuru can print the precise shape of light in a similar fashion like color is printed on paper today.

This decreases the size of lighting applications to 0.2mm compared to mutiple mm that are needed for todays LED and light guide solutions. Also the homogeneity is superior since every part of the surface directly emits light.

Novel design possibilities

With the ceasing of size limitations Inuru's customers in Packaging and Labels can finally illuminate the size of logo, artwork, etc without the need to adapt it to standard panels.

The paper-thin light sources are ultra-bright and energy efficient at the same time. They that can even be powered with a thin printed battery. This enables the integration of light and - coming with it - digital effects everywhere where space is limited.

Because of its energy efficient build, no hidden batteries are needed and the full technology can still be delivered in a paper thin label. This also bear the potential for the integration of Inuru OLED solutions into wearables, fashion and automotive interior lighting.

Expansion of proprietary OLED technology

OLEDs are paper-thin light sources mainly used as displays today. Although the thin form factor implies endless design possibilities until today OLEDs are delivered as standard parts only.

The reason for this is the cost-intensive vacuum manufacturing processes. It imposes changes in shape and size of OLED panels with huge setup costs surpassing ranging up to 10's of millions USD and setup times of multiple months.

This fact prohibits OLED technology to reach a broader market adoption for applications that are off lower volume and high complexity. This requires companies to design their products around standard parts which compromises design and increases costs.

With the latest investment in mid 2020 Inuru has established a new printing line in Berlin Adlershof that allows to print OLED on demand. The patent pending technology allows to setup any shape digitally without the need for huge set-up cost and timelines of up to 1 year.

The investment into proprietary OLED technology and a Europe based production makes Inuru a worldwide leader in the field of printed OLED and also secure from current supply chain problems.

Pre-orders start now

Customers can start ordering samples for custom made OLEDs now by contacting our sales team under . Our application laboratories in Berlin Adlershof will prepare either a pure OLED or ready to implement OLED solutions based on your target application.

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