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Inuru achieved milestone in recyclable smart packaging

Inuru's organic electronics based packaging and label solutions have been certified "Made for Recycling" solving the complex end-of-life questions for smart packaging.

Berlin, Germany - Inuru today announces that their smart packaging and label products have been certified by Interseroh, a German based Recycling company, as recyclable. With this Inuru has achieved a major milestone in the commercialization of smart packaging solutions and is eligible to use the label „Made for Recycling“.

Recycling is important milestone to commercialization of smart packaging.

Smart packaging is in high demand, but recycling is still a major challenge on the way of bringing those products into the market. Current smart packaging solutions usually are made out of mix of SMD components that either contain toxic materials or are made of rare earths. Inuru’s packaging solutions are made out of organic light emitting diodes and single use energy cells. No toxic materials are used in the production of Inuru products. The overall material composition is similar that of typical folding boxes.

„Alone with our unique focus on organic LEDs instead of of the shelf components like LEDs or EL we have a solid edge against any other company on the market. Organic LEDs make not only or product but also the supply chain green. Still this is not enough to be qualified recyclable. To achieve our vision of green electronics we needed to make sure that our solutions also do not contaminate the materials that need to be recycled. This is exactly what we have achieved. Our solutions can be recycled in standard recycling streams and do not contaminate the target materials to be recycled.“ explains Patrick Barkowski, CTO of Inuru.

Interseroh has tested Inuru folding boxes and labels on glass bottles and has confirmed the recyclability of our these products in the main recycling streams. They successfully run through the recycling tests and have passed the the necessary threshold. With that the products can be recycled in typical recycling plants without the need to take further pre-cautions or separate collection that applies to current smart packaging solutions.

The results of these tests can be applied on any other print product realized with Inuru technology.

„By creating recyclable products the Inuru team achieved a major milestone in the commercialization of smart packaging. This has huge implications on other industries too. If we managed to make electronics so versatile, affordable, sustainable and robust to be applied in packaging, we can help brands to make all of their products more eco-friendly and easier to produce than with standard electronics.“ concludes Marcin Ratajczak, CEO of Inuru on the implications on further applications this milestone.

Inuru’s smart packaging and label solutions are realized with a patented electronic film. This electronic film contains a light source for decal and visual feedback, which can be turned on based on different modes of interaction. This can be by touch, motion, sound or even timed, paving the way for expiry date indications for food and medicine products as well as temper evident solutions for protect fraud. The product are self powered and can be applied as any other label, so that no investment on the side of the customer is necessary.

About Interseroh. Interseroh is one of the leading environmental service providers for all aspects of product, material and logistics cycles.

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