Inuru awarded with the Planeta Lem Award.

Patrick Barkowski and Marcin Ratajczak were awarded with the Planeta Lem Award; an award recognising the latest breakthrough in printed OLED technology.

Kracow, Poland. From the 10th to the 12 of September, Bomba Megabitowa, a conference celebrating futurism, is held in Cracow, Poland. Traditionally, on the last day of the conference, “InstytuLema” (the Stanislaw Lem Institute) presents outstanding achievement awards to companies working within the field of culture, science, and technology.

Inuru’s printed light technology convinces the jury of judges.

During the conference, “InstytuLema” awarded Inuru founders Patrick Barkowski and Marcin Ratajczak with the ‘Technology of 2022’ award. This award recognises the achievements in OLED manufacturing technology.

“The technology allows light-based visual interfaces on every surface and acknowledges the far thinking that Stanislaw Lem had in his visionary works”. - Maciej Kawecki, Digital EU Ambassador and President of Lem Institute.

Inuru’s integrated solutions, named Elf’s (embeddable light films), allow for the integration of light into any product, and have been used in various marketing applications by top worldwide brands.

The future of Inuru Elf’s is to create a safer and sustainable society.

“We aim to bring visual interfaces into places where they have not been before, like medical packaging”. Marcin Ratajczak, CEO Inuru

Every year, a staggering number of people suffer due to the misuse of medication. This creates irreparable, damaging costs for pharmaceutical companies and the overall health care system. Luckily, Inuru’s visual interfaces provide a solution to lessen these numbers and help patients use medications properly.

Highlighting the importance of Inuru’s technology during his acceptance speech, specifically in regards to medical packaging, Marcin Ratajczak, CEO outlined the further strategies of the company’s technology and how it can benefit various users.

Additionally, the recognition of Inuru’s latest technological achievements simultaneously comes with the company’s expansion into the Polish market. With this, Inuru is setting up a new corporate operation in Poland.

About InstytuLema

Instytut Lema or Institute in the name of Stanisław Lem is an organisation that aims to showcase innovations and new technologies in an accessible way, looking at them from the perspective of a person and not, as most organizations,values of financial profit or economic growth. The institution celebrates technologies, culture, and large-scale activities which encompass the work of Stanisław Lem.

About BombaMegabitowa and Planeta Lem Awards

Bomba Megabitow is Poland’s biggest technology and futurism conference, welcoming 15.000 visitors and a panel of world renowned experts, like Prof. Jerzy Bralczyk, Prof. Richard B. Friedman (Harvard), Prof. Peter Gloor (MIT), Artist Daria Solar, and Business Executives like Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia), and Olga Malinkiewcz (Founder of Saule Technologies). Every year, the Institute of Lem hands out awards. These awards are decided by a jury of 12 experts in the fields of science, culture and technology.

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