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Inuru exhibits at Luxepack 2021 in Monaco

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

(Berlin, 17.09.2021) Inuru exhibits from 27.09. until 29.09.2021 at the Luxepack Monaco in Monaco at the Digital Village (Booth AC04Bis). The Luxepack in Monaco is the number trade show for luxury packaging. Premium packaging manufacturers from all over the world come together in Monaco to present their most creative innovations for brands that want to do things differently, whether in terms of design, environment or digital innovation.

Inuru presents packaging that reacts to consumer behavior automatically

In this year Inuru will present its latest innovative and award wining packaging solutions for marketing, branding and sales live on the Luxepack.

The latest technology evolution allows packaging that reacts automatically to any type of event and allows a more immersive and engaging consumer experience.

At the booth of Inuru visitors will have the chance to see and experience packaging that lights up upon touch, pulses, blinks, follows the rhythm of music or simply pulses in the supermarket when people pass by.

These light effects are programmable even so that they can indicate expiry date indications, react to humidity or indicate the right temperature to consume your wine.

Patented technology based on printed OLEDs

Electronics on packaging and labels are not a new. But so fare they have been realized with standard off the shelf electronics which had major drawbacks in design, costs and integration.

The patented labels from Inuru are 90% thinner then LEDs based label, have 80% less weight to provide a carbon optimized experience; are bendable for easy automated application; waterproof and also recently certified to by recyclable to be Made for Recycling.

In the near future Inuru will be able to print any shape of light on demand. This is possible due to a patented production and device technology that allows cost efficient production of light by printing.

About Inuru

Inuru is and award winning deep tech company from Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2016 Inuru has created the most robust electronics technology that allows easy integration of electronical functionality into products.

Inuru technology has helped brands around the world to create engaging campaigns that have been awarded with >20 industry awards and even the Marketing Innovator of the Year Award.

Among Inuru´s customer are major brands like The Coca Cola Company, Yili Group, All 4 Labels, Karl Knauer and Reustle Vineyards. Inuru has also been awarded with multiple industry awards like the German Innovation Award 2018, German Design Award 2018 and World Packaging Award 2019. Inuru holds multiple patents and constantly improves the technology.

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