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Inuru receives WorldStar Packaging Award 2019

Inuru's illuminated Coca-Coca labels have been awarded with the prestigeous WorldStar Packaging Award, making it the 5th award in a row.

Prague / Berlin, May 2019. The World Packaging Association has awarded the illuminated labels made by for Coca-Cola Great Britain with the WorldStar Packaging Award.

The WorldStar Packaging Awards are the most prestegious awards in the packaging industry. Only companies can apply for this award, who have allready one at least one regional award, making this the international finale for packaging awards every year.

In 2019 the World Packaging Association has invited the top innovators of the industry to the award ceremony in Prague. Inuru has received the Award in the category of Packaging Excellence for its illuminated Coca-Cola bottles realised for The-Coca-Cola-Company, Great Britain and Karl Knauer, Biberach (Germany).

"This is our first international award and also the most prestegious one, setting an imporant milestone for the journey that started almost 7 years ago." says Marcin Ratajczak, CEO and cofounder on Inuru.

Inuru has been establishedd as an German GmbH in the year of 2016 in Berlin, Germany, following four years of product and technology development. Since the incorporation the company has won numerous industry awards like

  • Deutscher Verpackungspreis in 2017

  • German Design Award in 2018

  • German Innocation Award in 2018

  • Promotional Gift Award in 2018

Acknowledging the technical and commerical achievements the products from Inuru deliver. Inuru has been working together with Karl Knauer on this project called "OLED - a bright future". Inuru has therby developed and produced the underlying products, whereas Karl Knauer acted as distributor.

About the Wolrd Packaging Organisation http://www.worldpackaging.org/

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