Inuru Sense. Effective D2C marketing: Packaging that lights up on unboxing.

The first moment of truth as marketers know it is dead. Unboxing is now the key for marketing and brand loyalty.

D2C or Direct-2-Consumer has become an important sales channel for brands. This has been accelerated with the global pandemic. People shop less in real life and get their products delivered directly to their homes.

Products are usually shipped in their typical consumer good packaging. Considering this packaging as a transport only function is a huge mistake and a wasted opportunity for marketing and branding.

In fact - in times of when social distancing & home-offices meet with Ad-Blockers , Netflix's ad-free streaming and influencers loosing credibility [1] - packaging seems to be only effective advertisement real-estate brands have left. It is the the only communication tool that is in direct contact with the consumer and follows him at home whenever she sees the product.

The most important event thereby is the Unboxing itself. Unboxing has gained a huge popularity not only through channels like Unboxing Therapy with over 17 millions subscribers [2], but also because it is the most gratifying experience for the brain to open a box and receive a gift. [3]

Whereas brands do invest in shipping cartons, still most unboxing experiences are generic and in-memorable. The goals of brands should be to value and gratify the consumer for buying their product. Therefore Inuru launches our new Sense Series.

Inuru Sense is a packaging that is freely configureable to light up they way you need it. In the example above, the logo of any brands lights up in the moment the product is unboxed. This light effect is freely customizable in terms of lighting duration, light color, light intensity, shape form. The light effect can also be turned on and off after a specified time.

The whole product is realized with Inuru's Smart Surface Technology (patent Pending) that incorporates paper-thin and robust electronics. These special electronics are printed and eco-friendly and certified as Made for Recycling. No need for batteries plugs or wires, all you need is either a thin label, that can be applied as a part of the packaging or directly on top of it or be a label for a bottles itself.

As a label it can even go far beyond unboxing. Since the product as a drink follows the consumer throughout the whole house. Imagine for instance Gamers that play on Twitch consuming your products in front of their Cameras With Inuru this is a real estate that goes far beyond the possibilities if offers to day.

Unfold the potential of packaging with Inuru Technologies. Contact us through or via phone on more information 0049 30 63927478




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