October 1, 2023
Press Release

Cattier Introduces Luminous Champagne Labels with Inuru.


Las Vegas / Berlin / Warsaw / Chigny-les-Roses. Inuru has presented at the CES 2023 in Las Vegas it’s latest application of ELF technology used as luminous labels for the latest product line Glamour by Cattier. 

The creators of golden bottled Champagne Armand de Brignac release a luminous product line dedicated for the night-life market made with luminous labels by Inuru.

The light effect triggers on touch, increases visibility, creating a glamorous experience during the ceremony of opening and pouring the Champagne.

To support this Inuru has provided Cattier with the latest generation of its luminous label solutions. The newest generation of labels exhibits a superior quality in terms of printing, appearance and usability.

Inuru achieves luxury industry quality level

„Inuru has convinced us. Magic light effect, paper-thin, high quality and easy to apply. As a traditional Champagne house we wanted the best for our customers. This is why we decided for Inuru.“ Pierre Samuel-Reyne, Director of Commercial Exports, CATTIER.

Inuru’s latest generation of luminous labels for marketing applications is 33% thinner, can be easily applied manually or automatically on bottles like any other label and now supports various print finishing that provide a full package to the customer.

"Customers can choose out various print finishing options, like soft-touch, gold, silver particles, 3D printing, embossing. No compromises in terms of printing quality anymore.“ - Richard Jankiewicz,  Head of Sales. 

To achieve this high quality Inuru has teamed up with Packhelp, one of the most innovative startups in digital packaging. Packhelp has printed the graphics on the label with high quality and it plans to offer luminous solutions as part of their product portfolio soon.

Luminous labels with NFC functionality

In addition to the light effect users can tap the label with their phone and receive additional information seamlessly in form of a video on their phone. The label concept was developed together with the spanish innovation agency Yleven.

In the future Cattier and Inuru will work together to expand the functionality and provide additional editions to customers all around the globe.

With the luminous OLED labels, Cattier positions itself again as the innovator in the Champagne industry. This is the first OLED label application luxury Wine and Spirits.

The Glamour product will ship out the market in the first quarter 2023 and will be available in Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and Bars around the globe. 

About Cattier

Cattier is a family-owned Champagne house located in Chigny-les-Roses a Premier Cru village of the part of The Cattier family has owned vineyards since 1625, and has been running the House for over 13 generations.



About Packhelp

Packhelp is an online marketplace for custom branded packaging, established in 2015. Packhelp simplifies ordering and management of branded packaging and has worked with more than 50 000 companies across Europe.


About Yleven

Spanish innovation agency Yleven lead by Patrice Casse.