Our mission is a world without waste. 

Sustainble technology.

We are not green washing. We don't just talk about how to save the world. We execute. Our products are certified to be recycled today. The supply chain is green. 

This is only the start. We believe display everywhere will replace paper and plastics. Robust electronics will replace those that break. 


Organic Leds for green supply chain.


Single use recycleable 

batteries for throw away products.


Robust electronics for the products of that future that last for 1.000.000 miles.

About OLEDs.

Have you every wondered why sports drink looks so shiny?


The dies providing the color in isotonic drinks are similar to those we use in our OLEDs to generate the light effects. Still please do no eat them :)

All remaining materials used in OLEDS are similar to those used in a standard printed product s today. No better - no worse. 

"Unlike other smart packaging companies we took a 7 year development detour. We developed OLED instead using LEDs whose materials are mined BY FRACKING - POLLUTING EARTH & WATER FOR AGES..."
- Marcin Ratajczak, Founder Inuru


roller skate with isotonic drinks for th

Are fruit electronic waste? 

Off course not. Fruit have enough power to light up LEDs. Still nobody considers fruit waste.


Our single use batteries work similar as the school experiment you might remember. OLEDs are energy efficient so that this is even possible.

Since our energy cells are all single use, we neither use heavy metals nor use heavy ions.Remaining materials needed to create a fully working battery are also in coherance with packaging resolutions.