why oled?

We care about our Planet. Organic LED (short OLED) is the only display and lighting technology not using rare earths, whose mining by fracking creates toxic sludge polluting the environment.  The development of our OLED technology took seven years. 

Plus OLED is thin, enabling our film type computers, and the simple integration on top of fabricated parts without changing the product iself.


Eco-friendly materials and supply chain


Bright area light source, visible in stores and daylight


Many different colors available


Multiple animated light effects, such as blinking and breathing


With the power of printed electronics and our advanced materials inks we create paper-thin computing devices that can be applied onto every product and surface, enabling organic human machine interfaces. 

thin design

0.5 mm total thickness

of all layers

smart technology

Interact with your customers by:

Touch, smartphone, RFID, movement, humidity, noise etc.

organic light

Eco-friendly OLED technology

Adhessive layer

Multiple possibilities of application:

technology layer

Contains printed OLED, battery and smart technologies

printable top coat

Simply print or laminate your design onto

integrated energy

Eco-friendly printed battery; Lasts min. 500 activations

Labels, packaging, 


home appliances,


"Our solutions will display digital   content and animations on every     surface in the near future." 

Marcin Ratajczak, CEO INURU

our Vision 2025



To make this vision real we provide revolutionary unit economics our advanced materials inks for ink-jet. 


Fully printed OLED at room conditions with off the shelf print heads. No material waste with drop on demand inkjet technology. 

Made in Germany.


Johann-Hittorf-Str. 8

12489 Berlin

0049 30 63927478


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Inuru is a Techstars funded company. We create illuminated printing solutions for packaging, advertising, and print. We have simplified our revolutionary technology to be thin and durable enough to be used in an unlimited amount of APPLICATIONS.