February 1, 2024
Press Release

Inuru Announces Opening of Revolutionary Dragon Factory: A New Era in OLED Technology



Inuru Announces Opening of Revolutionary Dragon Factory: A New Era in OLED Technology.

Berlin-Brandenburg, Wildau - Feb 01, 2024 - Inuru, a pioneer in OLED technology, proudly announces the grand opening of the Dragon Factory, the world’s first facility dedicated to the low-cost production of printed OLED lighting and displays. Situated in the historic SMB Werke in Wildau, this state-of-the-art factory marks a significant milestone in OLED manufacturing and European technology innovation.

Rapid Construction Reflecting Unparalleled Innovation
Constructed within a remarkable timeframe of just 12 months, the Dragon Factory is now fully operational. "The team has been able to build a fully automated production line within 12 months. Only TESLA works faster than us," remarked Marcin Ratajczak, CEO of Inuru. This rapid development is a testament to Inuru’s dedication to innovation and efficiency.

A Testament to Years of Technological Advancement
Reflecting on the journey, CTO Patrick Barkowski stated, "This is a testament to the technology we have developed over the last 12 years." The Dragon Factory stands as the culmination of a €9.5M investment round, initiated in June 2022 with contributions from a private LED factory owner from Poland, existing investors, and further supported by APER and ADAMED, concluding in October 2023.

Revolutionizing the Market with Affordable OLED Panels
Inuru is set to disrupt the market with its groundbreaking approach to OLED manufacturing. By reducing production costs tenfold compared to existing market solutions, the Dragon Factory will produce low-cost OLED panels that promise to revolutionize smart lighting solutions. These innovations will benefit not only marketing brands with more aesthetically appealing options but also extend to pharma brands, enhancing medication safety through interactive packaging. Additionally, it paves the way for advancements in fashion and safety clothing.

A Pioneering Step in European Technology
This launch represents the first significant investment in light and display technology in Europe in recent history, marking a new chapter in the region's technological progress.

Official Opening and Event Schedule
The Dragon Factory will open its doors shortly before 7:00 AM, with an official event for press, political figures, and partners commencing at on March 11th 2024 at 9:00 AM. The exact timing of these events will be confirmed shortly.

About Inuru
Inuru, at the forefront of OLED technology, is dedicated to creating innovative and affordable lighting solutions that enhance everyday life. With the opening of the Dragon Factory, Inuru reaffirms its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the future of smart lighting.

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