Marcin Ratajczak
May 16, 2024

Inuru Manifesto


Inuru manifesto

We envision a world where humanity lives in balance with nature. Yet today, we live in an endless cycle of extraction, production, and disposal. This is a result of all traits that make us human. 

And when our most mundane and seemingly insignificant daily decisions become life-changing when multiplied by 8 billion, we feel overwhelmed. In the face of the challenges we are facing as humanity, we feel helpless.

At Inuru, we aim to guide humans towards improvement through the transformative power of computing devices. Our mission is to enhance products with computing devices to simplify lives, promote health, ensure safety, and minimize waste.

Central to our approach are low-cost displays, serving as the cornerstone of human-centered interaction. Together, let's forge a future where technology uplifts both humanity and the planet.


Our philosophy is based on our World Vision (1). This vision encompasses the world we want to live in. This world can only be achieved when certain conditions are met (2), taking the current status quo into account. This is our mission. Our role is to foster these conditions with technology (3). This is what we do.

  1. We envision in a world where humans live in balance with nature fostered by technology. 
  2. We believe that the transformational power of computing devices can achieve this balance
  3. We create low-cost display technology to integrate computing devices everywhere.

Next I would like to dive deeper in the reasoning for our approach.

1. Our World Vision

I think we all can agree, that it is nothing short of wonder that he have occurred as a species on a sphere, that is floating in the middle of nowhere - in this infinite darkness we call space. This improbable wonder of life needs to preserved. 

As humanity now expands into space we will require a lot of resources from our planet and at the same time will need to learn to be very efficient with it’s use as we embark to colonize other planets. Therefore humanity requires to be less wasteful and be more efficient with it’s resources.

And humanity shall not be a predatory race when expanding into space. We should not leave a scorched earth, but have it preserved as a sacred haven, our home, to which we can return to. This is the world we would like to live in.

  • We want to preserve the beauty of nature that has given us life
  • We need to be more resourceful to sustain as humanity
  • We need to preserve earth as our sacred haven

2. Our Mission

Today's world is different from the one we envision. We are living in a world where short-term profit is more important than long-term effects. We live in a cycle of extraction, production, and disposal. This cycle is driven by humanity's weaknesses and greed. We need to break this cycle.

Every decision we make as human beings, no matter how small it may seem for an individual, becomes significant when repeated by all of mankind. Given that the number of those small decisions we need to make every day is overwhelming, we often feel helpless. Especially in light of the challenges humanity currently faces.

Since its introduction computers have proven to support us in improving humanity's efficiency, quality of life, and progress. We believe that if computing devices can be brought into the most mundane situations, they can help people taking better decisions, while releasing the pressure of responsibility.

  • Humanity needs to break the cycle of extraction, production and disposal to sustain
  • The amount of decisions and responsibility lasting individuals is to much to handle 
  • We believe computing devices can help people 

3. Our Role

We bring the power of computing to everyday objects to support human beings in making the right decisions where it matters most—in real life. Today, microchips are already small, but their calculations are not visible to humans.

Therefore, we create the thinnest and most cost-effective display technology, serving as the cornerstone of human-centered interaction.

Our technology enables every object to become a smart electronic device, ushering in a new era of smart objects. Guiding the world into a new era of balance.

  • We bring the power of computing devices to everyday things.  
  • We create paper-thin display devices to guide human beings to a better world.  
  • We enable a new era of objects and electronic devices.

Marcin Ratajczak
May 16th 2024