December 21, 2023
Press Release

The Future of Board Games: A Journey from OLED Dreams to Reality


Thirteen years ago, an article shed light on the future of board games, envisioning a world where OLED technology would bring interactive video sequences to our tabletops. This concept promised to make the gaming experience more immersive, reacting dynamically to player interactions.

The Charm of Traditional Board Games

Board games have always been a source of fun and engagement. They elevate our fantasy, challenging us to understand and navigate through their complex mechanics, especially in group settings. A significant part of their appeal has been the rich artwork and intricate rule sets, supported by beautifully crafted graphics and figures. Over the years, some of the most creatively bizarre games have emerged, captivating players worldwide.

However, this wave of innovation seemed to reach a plateau. Electronic in boardgames are fun, but they always felt like and add on. Attempts to integrate electronics into board games were entertaining but lacked the 'wow' factor that gamers yearned for. Despite the fun elements, these electronic games often presented complex manufacturing challenges.

The OLED Revolution: Bringing the Vision to Life

The game-changer, quite literally, could be OLED technology. Exactly 13 years after the visionary article (available here), we are now seeing this vision inching closer to reality. Inuru's advancements in OLED technology, both in terms of cost and functionality, are transforming this dream into a tangible future.

The First Step: Streaks by Buffalo Games

A pioneering example of this technology in action is 'Streaks', a collaboration between Inuru and Buffalo Games. Utilizing OLED as an interactive tool, the game introduces a flickering candle effect on the board, enhancing both stress and immersion for players. This simple yet effective design increases urgency, enriching the gameplay experience through innovative and interactive design.

Streaks by Buffalo Games, powered by Inuru OLED

Streaks by Bufallo Games: Light Up Gameboard with Inuru OLEDIn 'Streaks', players are challenged to remember a set of rules under each card. As the game progresses, rules are added, and the goal is to navigate through all of them before time runs out. The integrated OLED flickers as time dwindles, adding a thrilling and challenging element to the game.

The Future: Expanding OLED Integration

With Inuru's upcoming Dragon Factory, the production capacity for OLEDs will skyrocket, reducing costs significantly. This breakthrough means that future board games could incorporate ten times the amount of OLEDs, opening up a realm of possibilities for interactive gameplay.

AI Visualization of Boardgame with Interactive Surface Lighting provided through OLED

AI Visualisation of Boardamges with Interactive Surface Lighting Elements by OLED.Imagine a board game where placing a pawn on a field causes the board to light up magically, or where resources are counted, and random events are triggered in a strategy game. The potential for smart, interactive light elements in board games is vast and exciting.

Powering the Future: Efficient, Eco-Friendly Energy

A key concern with electronic integration is power. However, advancements in eco-friendly, single-use batteries have made significant strides. Since OLED is ultra-efficient it can be powered with paper-thin batteries that are equally thin as OLED itself (0.3mm). This allows to a long play time.

For instance, 'Streaks' can be played for 70 hours straight, equating to 266 games, with its current battery setup. However the boardgame-design itself design allows for increased battery capacity without significantly altering the game board's dimensions. This is due to highly efficient battery technology.

For those who prefer recharging, there's the option to include a wirelessly rechargeable battery.

Cost and Manufacturing

The sleek, paper-thin design of OLED makes it not only aesthetically pleasing but also cost-effective on the integration side. Anybody who tried to incorporate a light effect or any electronics into another product knows exactly about the difficulties arising out fo this task. Compared to standard LED solutions, it can be easily integrated between layers, dramatically reducing manufacturing costs compared to conventional electronic game boards.

Availability and Further Information

Interested to find out more? 'Streaks' is available at Walmart, and samples can be requested directly at Inuru. Our customer experience team is also ready to discuss and share more about this exciting innovation.

This is just the beginning of a new era in board gaming, where technology and tradition merge to create experiences that are not just games, but adventures on our tables. Stay tuned for more updates, interviews, and expert insights in this thrilling journey of innovation.

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