The Coca Cola Company explores Inuru OLED labels

Inuru releases world's first OLED label with The-Coca-Cola-Company.

Berlin, Germany - Dec 21, 2018 - Inuru has partnered with The Coca-Cola Company in Eastern Europe to explore OLED labels for marketing and branding purposes. For the first time in history the iconic Spencerian Coca-Cola logo lights up on label realized with OLED technology from Inuru.

Inuru OLED Labels tested for Coca Cola Christmas Campaign
Together with Coca-Cola Inuru has released world's first illuminated OLED labels as a part of the #BeSanta Campaign in 2018. The bottles are distributed amongst influencers and gifted to employees of Coca-Cola in Central and Eastern Europe.

The labels light-up the iconic Spencarian logo, after a person touches the label. The result is a surprising light-effect, that trigger emotions in relation with Coca-Cola global Christmas campaign, that incorporate light as a main feature. At the same time the illumination is and give and personalized unique brand experience, that shall appeal the the next generation of consumers (Gen Z), that are native to digital and virtual environments.

The labels are paper-thin and so visually as well as haptically no different from other labelling products. In order to achieve this quality Inuru used propriatary Label Technology that incoporates flexible oranic light sources and flat, planar energy sources.

"The thin design is an important feature of the product since it allows to deliver the product on rolls in the future and thus makes the technology scaleable to billions." says Marcin Ratajczak, CEO and couner of Inuru.

The product has been realized together with All-4-Labels - a global player of the labelling industry. All-4-Labels has delivered the graphical label to Inuru, that was merged together with Inuru's smart label technology.